Time: 9:00AM @ Prado Tiro Olympic Shooting Park, 17501 Pomona Rincon Rd, Chino.

                   Phone# 909-597-4794

Driving directions:

91 Fwy to CA-71 North (Chino Valley Fwy). Drive 3.7 miles

Exit right on Euclid Ave. Drive 3/10 mile. This distance includes the off-ramp.

Left turn on Pomona Rincon Road. Be alert, this turn comes quick, about 200 feet after the off-ramp merges onto Euclid. After turning, you will see the shooting park on the right. Be advised that the driveway and parking lot is dirt and gravelL.

What: This is a shotgun game shooting at moving clay targets.

The Olympic Shooting Park has 5 Trap ranges with 5 stations each. The cost will be $16 per round of Trap which includes 25 12-guage shells and 25 clay pidgeons. There are 10 Shotguns at the facility for rent at $20 each so it would be best if everyone who has a 12-guage shotgun bring it along. The total cost for the outing would be $32 for the 2 rounds plus the cost of the shotgun if you need to rent it.

If you buy ammuntion, then select shot sizes 7 ½ or 8.

If you have not handled a shotgut before, do not be concerned. We will have coaches there to assist.

Stuff to bring:

1. Eye glasses or eye protection. Eyeglasses or sunglasses should be adequate. You need protection from sparks and shot shells being ejected.

2. Hearing protection. Earplugs are available for sale. If your ears ring after a shotgun discharge, then you need better hearing protection.

3. A thick jacket or sweatshirt to pad your shoulder. This will help prevent bruising from the shotgun recoil.

Why: This is homeland security training.


How: Safety is paramount. Do not load your gun until your turn to shoot. If the gun jams or has a soft shot, then stop. We will fix the problem before continuing. Keep the gun empty while walking around